Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains

It’s not ‘That’ kind of movie (well maybe a little bit)


Five Indie Filmmakers And their cheerleader friends are about to find out how much guts it takes to make a Movie…

Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains was supposed to be a low-budget independent horror movie. But as the novice crew stumbles through pre-production – casting at a strip club, where they find Amber and meet Machete Mike, trying to raise money to shoot the end of their movie, and finding the perfect location to shoot the climax of their film – an abandoned orphanage in the middle of nowhere – they inadvertently run afoul of a twisted family of sadistic killers who want to rewrite the script, and turn the group’s horror flick into a blood-soaked reality show.   

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Available streaming for rent or purchase at these retailers.  I’ll add more as I find them.  

Our Original Poster

This is our poster that includes many (not all ) of the awards we won.  The movie now has multiple different posters based on where it is in the world. 


Ezekiel Z Swinford

Kelsey Pribilski

Elizabeth Maxwell

Don Daro

Gary Warner Kent

Larry Jack Dotson

Woody Wilson Hall

 Lindsey Lemke

Ammie Leonards

Evan Glover

Michael Taylor Morford

Kaci Beeler

Shane Gannaway

Dominique Davalos

Ariana Guerra

Jasmine Carina

Mona Lee Fultz

Ken Edwards





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